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Unrelated to utility cooldowns, another thing that we have been internally considering for a while now is adjusting our pushback & interrupt systems because we believe the classes that have abilities with activation and channel times are simply being too greatly affected by those systems. These adjustments would primarily benefit all Mercenaries/Commandos and Sorcerers/Sages (Snipers/Gunslingers do not gain much because they are already immune to pushback & interrupts while in cover). Power Shot/Charged Bolts, Unload/Full Auto, and Tracer Missile/Grav Round are some key abilities that would benefit from these adjustments. Please let us know your opinion of the pushback & interrupt systems as they currently stand, and we will take the community’s feedback into consideration.
THIS! THIS THIS THIS!!!! This is the bane of so many issues imo. The punishment we suffer from pushback and interrupts are the cause of almost every one of this classes problems (minus resource management).

Far too many of our harder hitting abilities are dependent on getting that channeled skill off...and they're far too easy to shut down by any competent player (speaking for PvP specifically). I understand the fear of the "ranged" DPS, but without the ability to cast any of our skills, we're nothing.

My suggestions:
- Interrupt/pushback immunity for 15 seconds after an interrupt/pushback, or, any Interrupt/pushback instantly triggers a Tech Override charge - I'd suggest a Tech Override charge for EVERY interrupted cast - it's just far too easy to shut down the cast dependent classes in PvP and this is the single biggest issue I feel the class has.
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