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I also approve of this response. Those are some wonderful answers to tough questions, and ones that could have just as easily been dodged.

Resource Management
I don't think you need to completely revamp the class's energy system. I just think a few tweaks need to be made to the current system. A slight bump to baseline ammo regeneration would help every class. From there you can tune via specific traits. If Arsenal still needed a little love on resource management you can tweak Terminal Velocity. The same holds true for Pyros and Superheated Rail. You can also (as has happened and is still happening) tweak specific skill costs.

For Bodyguards I think they simply need some skill tree specific mechanics that help alleviate resource costs or refund ammo, much like Scoundrel/Operative healers. More ammo back from Superchanged Gas, an ammo return on critical heals from Hammer Shot (akin to Scoundrel/Operative's scan heal), an ammo return on Kolto Shell healing all come to mind as possibilities. Making Kolto Shell free again would also be fantastic....even better if it's coupled with the ability to put it on more than one target.

In reality I'm just glad it's a recognized issue and you're actively looking at (and listening to feedback regarding) changing things for the better. Resource management is, at least to me, the only thing holding this class back in all three trees.

Ability Pushback & Interrupt

A change hear would be welcome! Sorc/Sage got a skill that prevents interrupts for 10 seconds, and a way to reduce the cool down of the skill via class trait (one tree only?). Something similar would be welcome for Mercs/Commandos. Two Charges as a baseline for Power Surge would also be great. 10sec of interrupt immunity every 2min for every class plus an extra instant cast would make a huge impact in PvP. You would still be a cast time class, but there would be more ways to get those casts off under heavy pressure.

PS: DOT protection as discussed in the Shadow/Assassin answers thread for Pyros! That plus more DOT damage (undo some of the cylinder damage reduction in 2.0) and it would actually feel like a DOT spec. Right now it feels like a "Have a DOT there for Rail Shot" class...I'd like the DOTs to be more significant than that.