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Thanks for the answers, love playing my merc as it was my very first toon.

As for heat management, I think it would be a mistake to completely change it, however without the old set bonus staying under 40 can be a real pain in the butt at times. What if you simply changed it to keeping your heat/ammo at 50% rather than 40?

I think the common theme of this article is noting how other classes are too op, rather then the merc is underpowered. I realize we are meant as a support class but there is no way you guys are going to realistically nerf snipers, marauders, etc. in order to balance things.

Healing right now is pretty bad IMO, unless in a 16 man op where the merc is strictly a main tank healer. Other then that, they bring nothing that the sorc and op can't do better. I like the idea of rapid shots mitigating heat on crits though.

As for PVP, I still refuse to play my mercenary. They simply aren't all that viable and all it takes is a melee class or two to destroy us. Unless we either get a new cooldown, or shorter cooldowns there is simply no hope for me to attempt pvp personally.
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