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only skimmed it since we are raiding atm - Overall very satisfactory answers IMO. Especially the soon on UI change for Commandos.


We do not disagree with your final comment about the “unforgiving heat management system” and are curious to know whether the Mercenary/Commando community would like to see a resource overhaul at some point in the distant future? If we were to make Heat/Energy Cells for Mercenaries/Commandos work more like a Sorcerer’s/Sage’s Force pool, would it be appreciated or despised by those of you who play Mercenaries/Commandos? We are not planning any change to the Heat/Energy Cell system at this time, but would like to know more about the community’s opinion of the current Heat/Energy Cell resource system. We will talk more about this issue in the answer to your third question.
Personally I’m against a radical change when it comes to resource management since I like the fundamental concept of the system. I don’t see anything fundamental wrong with it and think that there are far greater issues which need to be addressed.
What I’d like to see is a simple change in the Arsenal tree to somehow give us our free High Impact Bolt back. More is simply not necessary IMO, I have no problem at all fighting two fights at the same time. And who the *** cares about tooltips?
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