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Thanks for the answers will have to see some of the things in action.
- Lightning changes:
The change seems up front like it might take away some of the 'flow' of the tank but might just be that you spend more time working for energise/cloak proc's (as you would only need to lightning every 16 seconds to refresh the stacks).

Not really sure why that mechanic is tied into lightning seems like the effect will almost always be in place (Dark Ward scenario) apart from transition downtime and starts of fights - will have to see.

Will 1 tick of lightning will refresh the stacks fully if they are already applied or does it clear itself like with dark ward? Players and bosses which knockback/stun could prevent the buff from being applied in full?

- Glad to see some of the armor lost previously when both armor and healing were reduced being replaced.

As a rule, tanks should take less damage than non-tanks
^ agreed - Hopefully you can make Force Shroud work 100% like with Saber Reflect for this to be the case.

- I noticed there is a buff to threat on the stance procs - we really don't need this. Threat is already so boring as a Sin/Shadow. I'd love to see agro maintenance become a skill rather than something that is just given to you when start the fight with Force pull... this goes for all tanks not just Sin/Shadow but thats a different matter.

- Concern at reducing 'uniqueness'.
Currently Sin/Shadows are classed as a 'skill based tank'. For me whilst this works to some extent currently I would like to see this be pushed more. For instance more situational cooldowns / resists / reductions etc.. Make use of Phase walk more than just positioning in Styrak and a healing buff (for other players) the rest of the time. Perhaps some group type buffs as well similar to the Jug AOE taunt / Intercede. It feels as if the purpose of Sins as a skill tank is slowly getting lost replaced by fixed 'keep self buffs up, save big cooldown for telegraphed attack'

(insert grumble about 3 month wait for this answer :P)
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