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From the tanking perspective, I'll say that nixing the self-healing of shadows does, at a surface glance, seem to take away a significant portion of what makes the class unique among tanks. I understand and see why high mitigation and high self-healing would quickly get into overpowered territory, but is it not possible to achieve a balance between the two that still preserves each? Was it too difficult to find a sweet spot that allowed for both, without making the shadow tank OP? I'm concerned things appear to be heading in the direction of a universal, cookie-cutter tank, but I'll let KBN and the other folks who do the theorycrafting/number-crunching weigh in. Just some initial thoughts.

Edit: Please don't get me wrong - I'm extremely pleased to see that all the feedback regarding shadow tanking is finally being taken into account. Assuming they do achieve the boosts to survivability and mitigation that are implied, I'll take these changes over the current state of shadow tanks any day of the week. I'm just a little sad to see such a core component of the class that has been with us since launch be taken away.
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