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Hey folks!

Just a quick update on the answers for Shadow and Mercenary. The Combat Team is hard at work on the changes coming for 2.5 so your answers will be coming a bit later this week. Courtney will be the one posting your top 3. I will be out of town for a couple of days so you wont see my name lightin' up the devtracker. Play nice while I'm gone.


So I have a stupid question. If the reason for not providing the answers on time was because the team is hard at work on 2.5, how is it that they will be given at all before 2.5? I mean, aren't they still working on 2.5 this week and next week too? And the week after, and ...

I'm a bit worried that with a major patch being released this week, we're looking at the end of the week at best, and if something significantly wrong appears tomorrow with the ability changes already coming in 2.4, they're obviously going to be preoccupied with that. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm sensing the procrastination here is really going to come back to haunt you, especially since it pertains to two of the classes that arguably have some of the greatest perception problems by the community. Anyway, good luck.
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