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From what I remember, it was a perfect all barrage unload spree, and also if unload comes off CD I will use it barrage or no barrage. I was actually trying something slightly different in that I was continuing to use TM to proc barrage even when RS was up hence why its usage is a few less than it should be as I was trying to use it as one of the abilities in between barrage procs rather than straight away.

In any case, it was fun while it lasted! I won't be trying again until I get some 78 stuff because I don't think I can get another 80 or so DPS right now without some super crit luck, and I don't think I've in any of the parses I've looked at I've ever gotten 70+% crit on any ability let alone HSM.

Also, not he.
Sorry hehe, I almost wrote "he/she" I guess I should have and I came to the assumption you were using RS as a filler and even tried a few parses that way for experimentation. Even though you put up an excellent parse, it would require crazy barrage proc luck (which you had) for it to work well. I'm pretty confident your average dps would suffer prioritizing that way, you may already know that.

We shall continue this next tier....I've seen 65% HSM crit from I think it was Knopik once (traitor re-rolled sniper ), 70% is the highest I've seen as well. It takes so many things to go perfect to put up these parses we are putting up, it's never just one of a merc-arsenal, just gotta be disciplined and consistent, eventually you get lucky. Would be nice to see BW make some adjustments in regards to our RNG.