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Does Parsec feature a shared combat log? What are the technical challenges in creating such a feature?

Purely the additional network traffic or would the amount of parsing on each individual system be problematic?
Parsec is currently architected as client-server software. A shared combat log system architected this way would use a tremendous amount of server bandwidth. This is something that is not feasible from a cost standpoint.

Switching to a peer to peer architecture would make the bandwidth issue go away but adds a layer of complexity to the software.

My plan for the future is to create a hybrid system that allows a user to view other members logs via a peer to peer connection, but still keep the client server architecture for raid data. However this will most likely initially be a simple viewer though it may grow more robust.

There are certainly more challenges that make this difficult such as the variance in system clocks and latencies or the differences in peer network security.
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