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Lol! I know, probably my first parse ever where I didn't miss a single barrage either... There were a couple times where I proc'd it right as unload came off cd but no unloads without the proc I'm pretty sure is a first for me. Although my 29/29 proc'd ULs doesn't come close to Marisi's 33/33! When I saw that my jaw dropped, but it's possible he kept fishing even after it came off cd I dunno.
From what I remember, it was a perfect all barrage unload spree, and also if unload comes off CD I will use it barrage or no barrage. I was actually trying something slightly different in that I was continuing to use TM to proc barrage even when RS was up hence why its usage is a few less than it should be as I was trying to use it as one of the abilities in between barrage procs rather than straight away.

In any case, it was fun while it lasted! I won't be trying again until I get some 78 stuff because I don't think I can get another 80 or so DPS right now without some super crit luck, and I don't think I've in any of the parses I've looked at I've ever gotten 70+% crit on any ability let alone HSM.

Also, not he.
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