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@ Alaurin: Needles always seemed the worst of the bunch, but I never thought of him as Dr. Moreau. Until your story. You know he's doing experimentation, but still. Something about being trapped on Taris with Needles instead of riding in to shut him down, maybe. And I love (sort of) finding out what happened to the disappeared soldiers in the Trooper story.

@ Marissalf: The expansion on the joiner process was good, canon or no. It makes sense that the hive wouldn't want joiners to leave; your explanation of how it does that was perfectly reasonable. As was Kinka's thought process. The undestanding that the Killiks don't see things the same way as Humans. Not monsters, not evil, just alien. But it doesn't change the facts for her or Melodai, and that still hurts.

@ AgentJacen: Like the reunion. What are the odds that two siblings get together after so long apart, and on Korriban, no less? Interesting start.

@ Bright: Wynston's handling of Kaliyo is probably the only way a sane person could. She easily brings out the worst in everyone. And he has it exactly right: Kaliyo's minor retaliation is nothing compared to the the chaos of letting her think she has real leverage. Nice exchange.

Thanks for your glowing endorsement of Cleaner. I had a lot of fun channeling my inner literary agent and writing a 'back cover blurb' for his story as well as promo spots for the rest.

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"Archiban Frodick Kimble!" he growled. "My wife is not going out in public dressed like that! I am married to her, and I have never even seen her dressed like that!"

Kira's voice sounded amused. "Do you want to?"

"A conversation for another time," Jasin snapped.
This is an awesome exchange. I grinned through this whole story.