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09.28.2013 , 01:00 PM | #124

I was just about to ask about that Dread Orb, but I've realized that I'll never ever going to see it - partially because I refuse to use voice chat ... So, the last few riddles are at the hands of progress guilds ...


I sometimes wish that things weren's all solved by now ... People just don't have any riddles anymore nowadays ... Except those solved by Progress Guilds, which have seemingly monopolized riddle-solving ...

Nowadays, no newbie can ever dream of finding something important anymore ... Everything is solved now, and people can point to one who had cleared any content / solved any riddle before ... World-exclusive rights ...

Sometimes I wonder what mankind will do when all RL territories are explored, all oceans are known, all animals charactirized, everything is known about the world, and the next planets ... The ultimate boredom ... People might then just go into the stars in order to find new riddles to solve ... Or, maybe someone will create riddles to save humankind from The Ultimate Boredom ...

Complex minds
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