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09.28.2013 , 10:50 AM | #518
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I hit full 75 last week so thought I'd try this again!

Marisi - Mercenary - Arsenal - 6/36/4 - 3233.87

AMR: Same link as my current parse
Edit: well I put my foot in my mouth about the new 4pc set bonus...Decided to give it a go and finally got the RNG I was waiting for, this is incredibly insane crit numbers (70% HSM crit o.0) I don't think i'll ever repeat this without more gear:
3310 DPS
AMR Profile
Same spec as before

What's funny is I didn't even wait for my adrenal to come off cd before starting the parse...I was like "meh I'll just do a practice run" and then I saw I was sitting pretty good with my adrenal coming off cd and decided to keep going. Then it was bam bam HSM crit after another.