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09.27.2013 , 10:19 PM | #109
Parsec has been fine. So I have nothing but good reviews thus far, but let me relate a funny experience that happened to us last night.

We were 20ish percent remaining on Styrak NiM (5ish percent before he revives the Kell Dragon)

Sooo, we're all clumped on the big ghost manifestations, walls closing in on us...gunslingers primed to utilize their Pulse Detonators to KB them back.

What happens? One of the Gunslingers misses, and the other one doesn't hit his BECAUSE Parsec opened some sort of message pop up. WIPE!

It was sad. 13 minutes into a 15 minute fight only to have Parsec open some popup window and mess up a key mechanic on an encounter.

It was lol.