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As a sorc, I completely agree with your previous post that you quoted and with most of the things you mention in this one, but I can't agree with this part.

You were focused.
It doesn't matter if you were focused because they know you are a good player or because you were mistaken for a healer or because it just happened. The enemy team did what they were supposed to do: they recognized who is a threat in your team and killed you as soon as they saw you. They used their brains. And trust me, that's a pretty rare sight these days in PVP.

ANY DPS, let alone a light armor wearing glass cannon like a Lightning Sorc/TK Sage, should die easily if focused and shut down by more than 2 players of the enemy team. That's the whole point of being a DPS.

I understand your point wasn't that BW should make us immortal, but I just wanted to point out that this is probably a bad example.
Eh, true enough. But while lightning remains the last vestige of a cc sorc, its escapability (especially for being that light armor class, isn't light armor supposed to equate with mobility?) is surprisingly nil.

A class that must kite and LOS to survive, yet has no cooldown whatsoever to break a rootlock scenario--that is an oxymoron. (Especially when anti-kiting has been buffed as much as it has in this game)

If fadeout was baseline, I could have at least root overloaded, sprinted off, and Made One of Them Pay at least a little bit for trying to kill me before the other bunch of them leapt right back for the smash.

As it is, it really doesn't take more than 2 smashers to rootlock a lightning sorc in excess of five seconds and doublesmash before the lightning sorc can do much of anything (bear in mind the constant double leaps). One smash mara alone can rootlock a lightning sorc, thereby making a mockery of the Combat Team telling us to kite, though thankfully smash hasn't quite reached 1-shot autowin against sorcs yet. But I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the Combat Team sees to that.
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