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The nerf to overload was also shared with assassins/shadows. The removal also crippled madness for assassins which was already fairly weak compared to its mirror. And for the root on knock back, they have stated they want to get away from hybrids and have people focus on full 36 point builds.
Of course sins/shadows got nerfed along with us sorcs, as they share the same knockback (and we also share the nerfed whirlwind). Perhaps not coincidentally, they're also the other class that's in the doghouse (not discounting the fact that mercs were stuck out in the cold forever, too).

Also, I would point out that the other classes with AOE knockbacks 1) still have such knockbacks at 360 and 2) do not need to spec into some form of movement impairment on the knockback. Mercs get slow, snipers get root. No need to spec.

I can understand why Bioware might want to make 36 point builds "worth it" but given the way AOE knockbacks function in this game it was ill-advised to remove the utility of ours from 2 of 3 specs. Especially as ours has the shortest knockback distance of the three, in addition to only being a cone vs. 360. Now the sacrifices our knockback makes relative to mercs/snipers might make sense if ours was the longest of the three, but as it is, it is hands down the worst.

The whole 'heal to full' was quite silly and that sorcs 'easy to play, hard to master' can almost be applied to every spec/class. If the majority of sorcs/sages I see in warzones didn't try to face tank melee or stop using force speed while using backpeddle I might get behind the hard to master what not.

They literally came out and said the exact same thing about deception last year in that just about everyone was playing it wrong.
Well, to be fair it can be supremely difficult for non-healy sorcs to avoid facetanking with constant rootlocks that they cannot escape from. The fact that our overload, bar lightning spec, does nothing to prevent the enemy from coming right back to us within 1 GCD and continuing to lay into us while we are so rootlocked does not help matters. It's why there was so much gnashing for fadeout baseline from DPS sorcs who were told to LOS and heal to full.

I switched to lightning last night because I wanted to DPS and (especially because I'm widely known as a healer) I was chain rootlocked for 10+ seconds constantly and focus fired. When I even managed to survive for 10 seconds under such conditions, it was only because I was using everything else I had. I did not want to facetank; as a healer I am used to being able to neutralize rootlocking to a large extent, but when I was a DPS the enemy team decided I would be trapped in place and shut down and, lo and behold, I was shut down (in some warzones to the point where I did more "healing to full" than damage LOL).

For the record, I am not one of those backpedaling with Force Speed active sorcs--I hold the current #3 RWZ healing record on my server (despite the fact I've only found a few ranked games here and there as my guild has trouble getting more than 4 interested people on at the same time). Admittedly I didn't transfer to Bastion, but still I'm very familiar with the class, its strengths, and its weaknesses.

Healy sorcs, in contrast, are very very slippery (one of their big strengths is the difficulty in rootlocking them), but their ability to Make Them Pay for wasting a stunbreak is practically nil because our knockback is so weak and to KB+slow costs us not one but two globals (it really should only cost one, slow should be built into the knockback). To say nothing of horrendously long casted mez (that we almost never use in PVP except for the occasional fakecast as a result of such long cast).

Anyways I thoroughly enjoy my sorc and while some things could be added I hear a lot of sorcs suggesting that its unplayable and while that may be the case for arenas a very small percentage of players and an even smaller amount of them being sorcs/sages I only know of a handful of sorcs personally and while some did well they needed to have excellent players backing them up.
Indeed, after 2.0 I actually switched back to maining my sorc, retired my operative entirely until the heal to full debacle clearly indicated the devs wouldn't care whether or not sorc heals were welcome in arenas, and my scoundrel became something of an afterthought. Again, until now, where if I want to be viable in arenas, I must play FOTY.

In before "Don't Balance Around Arenas Lest We Have Never-Ending Balance Crusade:" This would not be nearly as big an issue if we could still have 8v8 Ranked, where there is more room to accommodate a wider diversity of classes without gimping your team for competitive play. But the smaller the team, the more class imbalance gets amplified--and competitive play is getting forced into smaller teams.

They have stated that they will be taking a harder look at class balance when 2.5 approaches as they are putting a hold on the class answers to avoid rewording of the questions being asked off of the answers given assuming they were not the answers that the majority of the players playing said class wanted.

Class balance is always something I find fascinating. I play with a guy who is nothing short of amazing on his PT even after the changes in 2.0 and he cannot wait for the buffs coming with 2.4. To me class balance comes down to this, do you balance around the average skill cap or by the classes overall potential in the hands of something who knows how to play a class?

Given the vast gaps in skill that this game still has in PvP and in PvE it is something that will always have negative results by the players who play the class which is getting the short end of the stick as they have gotten comfortable with how there class performs which usually goes hand in hand with ''I'm rerolling" and you should too and then obviously it leads players not playing classes which have gotten buffed as FOTM or for this games case FOTY since rage/focus has been quite strong since forever and the same goes with operative/scoundrel healing.

And I have lost my train of thought as I have been going from the phone for work and back to this post and I think this started as why these particular set of answers are taking longer than others because VG and sorcs feel they got shafted on their answers.
I really do hope the Combat Team pays more attention to class balance--the fact that we've started using FOTY to replace FOTM is just sad. But after burning myself out on trying to get H2F retracted and replaced with bona fide answers to our class questions, I must say my interest in this game has waned a lot and I've found myself going back to EVE Online for the first time since shortly after SWTOR released. And last night was my first time my guildies had seen me on in about a week.

Considering I played for a few hours daily right before H2F, that's just sad. I'm not sure how much longer the Combat Team can continue waiting on class balance before there are no classes that are actually played left to balance.
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