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As for the Czerka FPs, yeah we did fine just the "tank' was complaining about the non-existent healer not doing their job for a bit.
Went in the Tuesday night just to finish of the weekly. For a moment I though I went into HM as we got tank, 2 dps and me as healer. So did others, because everyone asked. We blew through everything, got to boss and the tank starts ************ that I am healing and not dpsing. I was dpsing I only through out kolto cloud on the group in a boss fight and then use diagnosis scan to top off the tank while getting back energy so I could dps more. People are going to complain, just lol and go on.

I got a good one the other night, was on my gunslinger just farming credits doing ilum. Someone wanted a group for SM False Emperor, had one other person, after finishing what I was doing they were still looking, so I said I would go and we could use my companion instead of waiting on a 4th. The didn't think that would work, but I told them I have solo'ed SM more than once. There next question was, "Do you want to dps or heal?" ........I replied I think I should dps and let my companion do the healing. I popped an adrenal before entering the FP, but they were actually decent, I bet either could have solo'ed it and they were nice guys, just didn't seem to know anything about other classes.