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09.27.2013 , 08:14 AM | #909
love this thread, just git finished reading it all, thought I would share.

This isn't restricted to any one fp, but a problem I see in general, operatives who don't know how to DPS. that is, they will jump into cover and spam snipe or whatever rather than get in close range as they are suppose to. Usually it's a problem I see in lobie fp's, and I usually politely tell them how to dps properly. As an op dps main, I cry a little inside every time I see it lol. of course, you get the idiots who insist I don't know a thing I am talking about cause I am on a non op alt at the time, but whatever, can't help everyone.

More amusingly, I've gotten instances where other classes ask what I am doing running in close, and telling me I am a long range class. usually these are just people who don't know op dps, and probably haven't seen one before, who assume they are long range like snipers. Or, something like what happened to me in one fp, with me and a sniper as dps

Tank-yo, sniper, why are you doing not using cover?
Sniper-What? I'm in cover right now!
Tank-Not you! The other sniper!
Me-You mean me?
Me-er.....I'm an operative, not a sniper. bad

everyone had a good chuckle after that.