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09.27.2013 , 07:00 AM | #908
Ran sm cadimimu on my operative healer yesterday through gf. Got a lvl 29 assassin tank. After the first pull I knew something was wrong cause the tank was getting destroyed and I could barely keep him alive. So checked his stance and sure enough he had the right stance. We get to the next large pull and I just can't do it and the jugg DPS noticed switched to soresu form and started tanking a few of the guys. Now I had zero issues keeping the jugg up but that assassin was just nuts.

I figure like this we will be alright it will be slow and wrong but at least we will survive. Then the assassin guards the jugg. So I quickly do a gear check and see the sin is using a focus not a shield. I asked him to equip a shield and he said he didn't have one. I then asked him to just let the jugg tank. He said no he can tank just fine without a shield. I then asked which tree was he spec'd into. He said madness.

At this point I lost it whispered the two DPS and both agreed to boot him and have the jugg tank. So I initiate a vote kick and it fails. The sin is now irritated and says he can tank just fine without a shield so let's get going.

At this point I give up and tell em good luck cause I am quitting the group. They then immediately ask me why.