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Ehm, no, not entirely true. Shadows are still using strenght for all theire melee attacks. It wouldnt be optimal by far, but doing nothing isnt true. Also don't discard the armorrating from the (strenghtarmoring), the power/end/whatever on the mods. Enhancements are classneutral.

Weird tank Its content for a group of 2 people. I dont know why bioware forces 4 man groups for it. Anyhow, you dont need a healer nor tank in there. I went in with 4 dps, trashpulls melted away. Since I had the highest TPS i was tanking the bosses, my HP never went below 60-70%

The amount that strength actually contributes to anything on an assassin/shadow is minimal. So, yes that's true it's better than being naked due to the armor and secondary stats, but not by much.

As for the Czerka FPs, yeah we did fine just the "tank' was complaining about the non-existent healer not doing their job for a bit.
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