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09.27.2013 , 02:50 AM | #906
I've had a few weird groups with every char i've run, but this week takes the biscuit.

Manda Raiders HM, me tanking, decent healer, and a couple of decently geared DPS. Kill the bots at the start then into 1st room with the dogs and bots... instantly the marauder leaps in ahead of me. Fair enough I thought, still lowbie trash, so I jump in and grab all the agro and off we go.

Next 3 or 4 rooms, the marauder repeats it again, leaping in ahead of me even when he's not fully healed and the healer is working nineteen to the dozen to keep him up. So after the 4th time, i've had enough. He leaps in again, so I let him die, proceed to grab all the agro and the other dps, heals and me kill all the trash.

So finally, i post in group chat, "dude if you want to tank, go right ahead" - he replies "but i'm not a tank I won't survive"..."then let me go in 1st please" I reply...

At least he learned

( PS this thread is brilliant! )
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