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just as a recap do you know what your looking for an item, door, ect ect. kinda got lost towards the end of posts
Truth is, nobody knows. The user "swtor_miner"'s from reddit said, that you need a fourth buff to activate the ancient tome, in addition to the three buffs you can get from aggroing the vendors in the outlaws den. This fourth buff should have been obtainable by defeating an enemy named "Sandclaw". Since "Sandclaw" is not ingame (At least, nobody has discovered him yet), there's no way to activate the tome. "swtor_miner" also mentioned a clickable door he was going to investigate, but i've never asked him about it. Since nothing new has been revealed from that, i assume it was a dead end.

Take it with a grain of salt, it's your own choice if you trust "swtor_miner"'s information. I do trust them, he has proven himself on more than one occasion, but as he said himself, bioware constantly changes data files, removes them, adds them, let them lay dormant for months etc.. There's always the possibility that something slipped through unnoticed.

@Everybody, feel free to correct me if i mixed up something.