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The answer we really don't know. They said they're committed to doing this and they've been mostly pretty good so far. A pessimistic person can assume they're just shrugging it off or just screwing around but there's a good chance that there is actually a good reason why it couldn't get done. Also, just because Austin is the one guy communicating on the forum does not mean he's the only guy working on it.

As someone else said, they probably have a list of priorities on how they need to spend their time at work, and the last thing they want to do is come up with the next "heal to full" meme (or maybe they do, that was pretty funny for a while).
Austin had stated pre-2.0 that he is the ONLY one working on class balance. Not that he was the only one posting...the only one working on it.

And yeah, they said they were committed, obviously they aren't. I'm not "pessimistic" because I feel that way - the continual putting this off is proof for me that only someone foolishly optimistic would actually think they actually are. They've proven they aren't. What would it truly take to answer THREE questions? 10 min per question? 30 min per? It's going to be 3-weeks between submitting them and getting the replies...that's not "committed"...not even close.
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