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The thing is if devs had taken a quick look at the class forums while the questions were still being discussed, they would have had a general idea of what is going to be asked as far as a month ago (the problems of AC's are so clear most of the time that 2 out of 3 questions is obvious during the course of discussion among players).

Also, like others said if answers were really detailed with mathematical arguments and such it would be acceptable but now it just seems unprofessional
It's now OBVIOUS that the combat team doesn't read the forums at all! I mean they said sometime after 2.0.1 that they would explain bolster.... still waiting on that one, so I can only imagine how long this one will take.

From this experience of the Class Representatives, I can extrapolate the following:

1) The community team are the only people to read the forums.

2) The class representative initiative was the workings of the community team, doing their job and listening to the community.

3) BW as a whole is more interested in selling sparkle ponies/goods than how their game actually plays.

4) The combat team is out of touch with how the classes actually play.

5) The combat team doesn't give a squat about balancing issues. All of their changes are not well thought out, and they unnecessarily nerf classes that have no business being nerfed in the first place (Merc Pyro for example)

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