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This is completely disrespectful to us. I accept your apology because I choose to believe that you actually are sorry. However, this is yet another time in which your company says one thing and does not align its manpower to effectively achieve that goal. So you may be sorry, but your company's actions continue to demonstrate that as a unit you all do not care enough about your professional work ethic to ensure you meet the goals that you all set for yourself.
As far as taking time, we were told that the devs had been looking into shadow tank spikiness for months. For my job, I was given two tasks yesterday (9/25) to write 500 word essays nominating people that I barely know for awards that I don't think they merited, but I wrote 1000 words about how my company thinks they are deserving and why in addition to my standard 9-hour workload. It took me 90 minutes to answer the question of why they should get these awards. The fact that your entire combat team cannot take the same time to answer six questions about something they are supposed to be experts in is deplorable. It seems that they are either incompetent or uncaring. Professionals accomplish what they are capable of regardless of whether they care or not.
We will now be waiting 18 days between posting questions and receiving answers. 80 hours per team member at 40 hours a week. I am trying to be very respectful, but unless these "thorough" answers are essay-length, you are misleading us and treating us with disdain.
This. If I were 18 days late on a deliverable with no decent explanation I would be looking over my shoulder for that pink slip. After the sorc debacle I understand they want to be cautious but to me this shows that our questions are not near a priority.

If you continue to miss handle the class rep questions like you are now and have in the past than you might as well not bring them back after 2.5 because this is doing more harm than good to your rep in the community.