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I heard that as well, but i believe that wasn't officially confirmed either. And it doesn't fit with Reids statement. Even the average player can try to fool the CS, but the average players don't force push each other to places that aren't intended to be reached. But like i said, it is indeed just speculation on my part, i'm far from having any proof. To be honest, i'm just as clueless as the rest of us, maybe i'm even more puzzled due to the many different statements we get from various members of the CS.
That is true, and I couldn't actually find the relevant post (doesn't really matter).
However, isn't possible that the force pushing etc etc is meant as he found this puzzle interesting and the not the whatever he exploited ? I remember reading about someone who actually followed him (stealth follow) in outlaw den and didn't see anything beyond that (as he already had the crystal).
Anyway we could send Eric a private message -but not today, perhaps on Monday- asking him to clarify this for us.
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