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So it's still pretty buggy?
Yep. The most fun bug in my opinion was one that could leave a memeber of your group unable to target the boss at all. On our last 3 pulls of the boss one of the dps saw the boss fall through the floor and couldn't damage it for the last ~2min of the fight. You can hear it on the video as we're leaving the cave, one of our gunslingers saying "it happened again".

In my opinion this was the hardest fight of the tier, at least for 16 man. Even though our kill may have been easier on the healers than NiM DG was (although if you ask the other 4 they may disagree with Ren), that was because we brought 5 healers, meaning the single tank had an incredibly stressful job dropping every lightning. After our hours of one-tank attempts, I'm in awe of the concentration Thin and Jiico had to pull it off. The positioning and movement requirements were also more demanding than any other fight I've done in this game, especially at the end when standing in the wrong spot and getting pulled into lightning meant you're as good as dead.

Something else noone's mentioned is that this fight is incredibly unforgiving to a generic raid comp. We had 7 of our 10 dps able to self cleanse and only one tank, so only 4 people needed to be cleansed. We had to do this because the debuff graphics didn't load quickly enough for healers to determine who needed to be cleansed first, only who needed to be cleansed at all. If 5 people needed to be cleansed we often lost one to the death mark, just because we couldn't see who to prioritize quickly enough.