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I've been leveling a new Sin tank and have had quite a few healers still asking me for guard. I've finally just given up trying to explain and will give guard to whoever complains the most. I suppose they should add, "shuts dumb healers up" to the tooltip :P. Interestingly enough though, I've had a few good players whisper me near the end of a few runs asking why I was guarding DPS (or swapping it around for certain fights) because they were genuinely interested in learning how to do things better on their own tanks. Always really great to see that kind of enthusiasm.

The other thing I've noticed is that stupid DPS all seem to want to self pull the same large pulls in every run. I'm a *very* quick tank, and almost never wait in between any pulls unless I absolutely have to. I'm geared enough that I can survive almost any pull without heals if I need to, but for some reason almost every group I got in HS or Manda Raiders I had some DPS who wanted to run ahead of me and pull the large, healing intensive fights near the start (giant dog pack, double large robot pack). They'd always instantly die (I'd let them, and healer wouldn't even have time to react to heal them) and I'd just easily pick up the whole pack with Discharge right after. Thankfully a quick, "please don't pull before the tank when you're a DPS...especially when you're already at half health" has kept them from repeating their mistakes again later in the run.