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So I tried to run a FP on my 35 Healer merc last night, and got an instant q for Cadiminu.* Get going and see that the other three are all from the same guild so I figure this should be decent, as long as they aren’t a bunch of loot ninjas.* Tank slaps his guard on me and we get going.* Do the first pull and the tank loses agro Repeatedly to the Marauder that he brought with him.* Make it to the second pull and the same thing happens, now I can easily heal them through it but figure why bother, just have him switch the guard to the mara. *I type in chat “I am not one of those healers who requires a guard, switch it to the Mara if you want”.* I immediately get smacked in the face with “you get the guard cause as healer you generate the most threat.”* I probably should of just shut up but, I respond with, “I only generate more threat than anyone else on anything that no one is attacking, and those are just week adds that the dps should be burning”.* The tank responds with “You’re and idiot.* I am in soresu form, which generates agro on everything”.* At this point I realize that this argument is a lost cause so I say, “Look I don’t really care, it’s not a big deal and not worth arguing over.”* They immediately vote kick me for the reason of “Idiot”.* I had a good chuckle explained to him that “I was only trying to be nice, and make his job easier by having him guard the marauder who he couldn’t hold agro over, but hey it’s better that I know you’re a bad tank now, who can’t hold agro over his dps, then halfway through the FP when a boss is face ****** the marauder.”

I get out of the FP, slap em all on my ignore list, and then q back up. *I get another instant q on The Foundry, with a level 36 tank 40 sniper and 45 marauder.* The tank slaps his guard on me, and I am just like jesus.* This flashpoint actually has some hard hitting fights, and that marauder is gonna pull and I am bare minimum level so this may be tough to heal. *I quickly type in chat “Would you mind switching your guard to the marauder? *He is nine levels higher than you and will pull agro.”* The tank quickly swaps his guard and the marauder quickly typed in chat “glad to see you’re not one of those dumb *** healers who thinks a guard does anything for them.”* I wanted to explain what had just happened to me, but figured it wasn’t worth it. So we proceed to have like one of the straight up smoothest FP’s I have ever had, you know like tank holding agro, dps killing adds and for the most part no one standing in ****.* The only time anyone died was when the tank stood in the spit from the bonus boss, which he typed out in chat after he died “sorry forgot that, that boss spit at you”.*