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Her stance? Surprise surprise, she's a watchman sentinel in Shii-Cho Form! It's so delightful. Each time she uses that when in full HP, she's down to 50%. I also forgot to mention that in the final fight against that Prophet, she runs into the fire, got burned, uses Guarded by The Force, 4 seconds run out, and she died due to stepping on the floor AOEs. At that time I've had enough, plus being busy cleansing, healing the DoTs and supplementing DPS as a healer. Didn't bother reviving her and proceeded to 3man the Prophet cause I know if I revive her, she's just gonna do that again and it will hurt my heart soooo bad. It's like she didn't even pay attention when fights were being explained and my attempts to politely ask her to stop using that skill....
Gehe, yeah, thats bad. I tend to just let them die if they don't try to run for the flames. I figuered its the best way to learn that you need to kite the flames .

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Yes, but we're talking not being underleveled but wearing the wrong gear... do I just suck that much at the game that if I went into combat naked (cause let's face it, that's what you are doing if you have the wrong gear, might as well not be wearing any at all) I'd did more than I do when I am underleveled?
Ehm, no, not entirely true. Shadows are still using strenght for all theire melee attacks. It wouldnt be optimal by far, but doing nothing isnt true. Also don't discard the armorrating from the (strenghtarmoring), the power/end/whatever on the mods. Enhancements are classneutral.

Going in naked, yeah lets not try that one. I was being tricked into going naked when solotanking KP SM 16 man. I had 18k HP and went splat in 2 seconds. Apparently the rest didnt unequipped their gear (boeh!!!!!) and finished the trashpull without me :P

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Yeah, I actually hate how the Czerka FPs dont' do "proper' groups and a lot of people don't realize it. Like a few days ago I was in a group wihere it gave us a tank and 3 dps because the tank was queued for that. So, he was getting really mad because the healer wasn't healing him... and we were like um... so who do you think is the healer in this group? The Czerka flashpoints don't conform to the standard tank, healer, two dps rule, so we don't have a healer.
Weird tank Its content for a group of 2 people. I dont know why bioware forces 4 man groups for it. Anyhow, you dont need a healer nor tank in there. I went in with 4 dps, trashpulls melted away. Since I had the highest TPS i was tanking the bosses, my HP never went below 60-70%.
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