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Kotta(Radio): I don't care who you picked up as long as they can make some noise. We made a plan.

Lansar(Radio): Lets hear it.

Before kotta could continue another broadcast began. The screens of Coruscant showed the bulky terrorist hovering over the Chancellor who sat in his chair.

Galek: Chancellor do you know who this is ?

An image of a girl in a cell appeared on the screen.

Chancellor: Thats My daughter what have you done you monster?!?!?

The Chancellor wiggles about in his chair in anger before the guards point their guns at him causing him to ease up.

Galek: Nothing, yet. She will be fine if you destroy the building I have condemned. I have the only control to her cell right here in my hand.

He reveals a small controller with one single button on it.

Galek: She will be released once the building is destroyed. We will remain live until you make your choice. And if it's not soon she will suffer.

There is a hush over the city as the weight sets in on the Chancellor. His face tightens as he sits depressed by the situation. What brought it to this? How did no one see this coming? Do the concerns of the masses hold greater weight than that of his own? The team could not leave him to make this decision. Kotta quickly barks his plan.

Kotta(Radio): You guys need to storm that bridge now! Naroth and I are going in through the window and getting the chancellor out of there!
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