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I enjoyed this post, because I remember once getting yelled at for not letting the tank tank on SM....


Also, unrelated but when you said LoS it reminded me: I recently healed a group on Cad on HM where everyone was decently geared, and for EVERY pull the tank wanted to LoS everything... The content isn't hard, this group can roll through it, and we have to LoS everything because the tank had to have things his way. Sigh.
Yeah, I actually hate how the Czerka FPs dont' do "proper' groups and a lot of people don't realize it. Like a few days ago I was in a group wihere it gave us a tank and 3 dps because the tank was queued for that. So, he was getting really mad because the healer wasn't healing him... and we were like um... so who do you think is the healer in this group? The Czerka flashpoints don't conform to the standard tank, healer, two dps rule, so we don't have a healer.
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