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your in-game ticket system is only responded with copy & pasted responses, or left untouched and ignored.

Your forum responses are few and fewer, you COMPLETELY ignore, the pvp forums and pvp is where most the problems are.

You still haven't fixed the updating launcher bug witch happens every two maybe three months.

Your content distribution is horrible pve gets content every two patches where pvp is lucky to get one every six months.

You're skating on thin ice and you can only use the STAR WARS name as skates for so long, before even the dedicated star wars fans leave, if they haven't already.

Remove this post again and i will just re post it. Not my fault you don't like seeing the truth.
Why is their customer service so bad? Because EA has sabotaged SWTOR from day one, and hte sabotage has only accelerated since launch.

How else do you explain the cluster f**k that was redzone/greenzone launching?