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Claimed - Gunslinger - Saboteur - 7/36/3 - 3704.04

Same AMR.

Claimed - Gunslinger - Saboteur - 7/36/3 - 3723.58
What's surprising is, the crits weren't that great.

Really itching for a 75 off/main
Congrats. Yeah, the off-hand helps quite a bit. I got mine recently, but I'm most likely going to wait for a while before I hit the dummy again and re-gear up with 78s with the new ops. Even though your crits weren't especially high at all, there's still a decent amount of luck just with skills hitting their upper bound of damage (getting close to 1500 in a 1300-1500 attack). As far as I'm concerned, if you are within 50-75 DPS of any top parse, you have the same mastery of the spec. The rest is up to how persistent you are with parsing until you get that super awesome one.
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