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I don't get what to do on this website. I thought, it is intended to search for guilds. I expected to be able to browse through a server's guilds or something. Why do I have to enter a search term? Since I entered a wildcard search term (*), I get warning messages in some /home/ludwig01... I cannot change my search anymore. How is it possible to see the guilds of my server ToFN?
Good Afternoon,

First of all, thank you for your bug report! I am currently working on resolving the wildcard search term - I am pleased to let you know, however, you can do a wildcard search with a few letters - so ARM* would work (it would pull up guilds with arm in it) , however Army * will not work. Like I said I am currently working on a fix for this.

If you want to search for guilds on a certain server, at this time you would need to type the server name, HOWEVER I am pleased to also let you know that when we take down our site this week for updates, we will be adding this option as a dropdown selection box!

We are still indexing guilds and we welcome all guilds to use the email method mentioned above or wait for our script to reach their guild. We are also working on creating characters on each server (two on each - one imp one rep) that are representatives of us and will scout for more manual additions.

I hope this helps! - Character Armory and More | Guild: The Army of Light

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