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Hey folks!

Just a quick update on the answers for Shadow and Mercenary. The Combat Team is hard at work on the changes coming for 2.5 so your answers will be coming a bit later this week. Courtney will be the one posting your top 3. I will be out of town for a couple of days so you wont see my name lightin' up the devtracker. Play nice while I'm gone.


Don't do it. Delay if you have to, but don't leave a grenade in the hands of the Community manager that brought us heal to full.

Not to mention I doubt Courtney has the authority to actually bring our concerns up to the "busy" pvp developers. In otherwords a one way mouthpiece of the condescending Austen Peckerpaugh. The same guy who insulted our community with his "Summon Pillar" = great escapability. At least you can bring some feedback back to him, as opposed to a community manager who has even less of an udnerstanding of how to pvp, as well as less authority to actually convey our vitriolic response back.

So yeah, you're lighting the fuel (delaying) on a stick of dynamite and then passing it on to someone who already got burnt once.

The Mercenary community expectations of you guys are so low, that it would be hard to not surpass it. But we fully expect you guys to blow it, based on our experience in the past.
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