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Eric, this is really disappointing. You had initially said these would come back in a week, then moved it to 11 days so you could interact with the community on Monday. Then it was twelve days because the devs weren't ready, now we are sitting at 14 days between questions and answers with the reason being that the devs are working on another project. Is this really that unimportant to the combat team that they cannot take two hours to hash out answers to three questions? Is the forum community that low on the priority list? If the devs work on 2.5 is so important that they cannot take the time to answer us, why should we ever expect answers?

If they haven't answered because they don't know how to answer them it is just as concerning. Don't they have a unified vision for the classes from which to provide answers? Are they arguing about what the class vision should be?

Delaying answers to better respond to the community is one thing, delaying answers because you guys can't set priorities and work to deadlines is very unprofessional.

I applaud you Sir ! Probably the best reply I have seen in a long time on these forums regarding how the community is seen by BioWare.