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Lanser looked determined at Sabrina's words almost ready to fight there and then but this man wasn't an enemy, yet. If the both councils agreed to send him that only made Lansar more on guard. The Order isn't quick to even be involved with the Council.So if they agreed The Order may already be aligned with the council and Lansar would have failed to keep them neutral. Assuming that the worst has happened this man could be here to kill Lansar and Sabrina to cover any traces of lansar opposing the allegiance and his relationship with Sabrina. This could also mean that Jayko and his father are dead. It's unlikely that his father would physically fight in opposition, but Jayko would. This guy could be the clean up crew. If that was so he would wait until after Galek was stopped before making a move, so for now he was an ally.

Lansar: Well alright then looks like we have work to do. We have some guys on the roof let me see what they've come up with.

Lansar let down his guard and sent a calming feeling to Sabrina. Perhaps after Galek is stopped he could get some information from this guy, preemptively.

Lansar(Radio): Hey Kotta, We picked up an extra set of hands down here. Do you have a plan?
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