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Nice job Marisi, I knew 3.2k was doable in full 75s and some luck! I'm still 2 full pieces away and probably not gonna get there before 2.4 to try myself, but well done!

As I'm sure you're well aware, parsing with this class can be so immensely frustrating at times. I had more than one parse yesterday before that one where unload came back up naturally twice in a row, which is a good 30 seconds with no barrage procs. And I had another one where almost everything in the first minute that mattered was critting and I was sitting at somewhere around 4-4.2k or so and so I thought even if I have terrible luck with procs and crits from here on, I should still be able to use the first minute to carry me to a good result... Boy was I wrong!

I also accidentally clipped an unload at the 200 second mark as well at ~2.7 seconds into the channel so I missed out on the last tick which cost me around 10-20 DPS depending if they crit or not... oops!

Edit: So by trimming the end, where I got no barrage procs, I actually did a lot better than I thought!
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