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09.24.2013 , 11:46 AM | #16
Ofc this is HM, and i think everyone is aware that this is more a kind of raidrace than a real 'content-progression'. But this is no reason to not track the kills and having fun of this 'fast-food' competition. Besides that, its all about keeping the pve-community alive while waiting for the next nightmare modes.
So thumbs up for the work spend here!

But btt, this are just my personal opinions:
Verification - Kill-Screenshots with UTC clock are the best way to verify. But if u just miss the shot, there should be the option to take a screenshot of ur achievments with the UTC clock (perhaps just right after the kills) without any penalty.
Two Operations - If there are no mechanics introduced in which order to clear the operations (i personally think they will be some sort of requirement to enter palace) i propose to count the 2 operations as one content (oricon HM).
Deterioration - This is the most difficult part, especially in regards to the 'two operation' question. I wouldnt spent too much work in that. All what is to be ensured is that the points for two guilds starting at the same time in two different ops and clearing it in the same time shouldnt differ to much (depending on how much guilds are going in this or that ops).
Bonuses - not needed.
Boss Weighting - If u wanna weight, just a bonus on the endboss.