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09.24.2013 , 11:14 AM | #285
I'm with you on your cause but you have to look at the problem and realize there is no solution.

Those problems are:
  • BW balances dps based on what you can do on a text dummy. a class like ours ha no control on our crit chances like auto crit classes do. We hit faster than or counterpart, the shadow, but crit for less damage. On a dummy this all equates to higher sustained damage than a shadow, so BW won't understand the issue on burst damage since they only look at the sustained damage on a dummy like morons.
  • Our defensive cooldowns can't be redone without directly impacting sawbones, which would but then over the edge.
  • They don't want to give a class that already had several "annoying" stuns any more utility, so they'll leave it in its current state.

Plus, I'd sign off for JC, but we'll need to get Carth involved on it as well, and I haven't seen him play in a while, so not sure if he retired his scrapper or what.

Plus we have one scrapper on our server who is convinced that scrappers are better in every aspect to infiltration shadows so you might not want anyone praising scrappers on that thread.