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You're missing a fundamental part of MMOs...the carrot on the stick. There *has* to be better loot in the new operation for even the most dedicated of PvEers to stick around. Now maybe it's a 76 tier that has +2/3 to stats, but it's got to be something, otherwise it'll be worthless content. If you're arguing that players that couldn't complete NiM shouldn't ever get anything above 75...well that's just how MMOs work and everyone knows that loot only lasts so long.
i have to agree with you here 100%. even though i would like gear from NIM TFB and S&V be better then new ops HM modes it make sense for it to be better. As you said you either get old ops less attractive or new ones waste of time .... so i guess it makes more sense to make new ops more appealing thru new and better loot.
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