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Anyways, since I have yet seen no reason to stop trying to solve this "mystery", a question @Tyminator:
You said you "checked out" the balloon in the SE ez. North to Mos Ila.

Given that there are no screens of it, question is - have you actually managed to get ON the balloon? or at least get close to the spot it supposedly lands and tried to jump on?
We went through the exhaustion on the Mos Ila side of hte balloon's path, there is a "safe zone" by the balloon. It "lands" on the side of a mountain which we could NOT get up to (but we went on the back and front of the mountain and there's nothing), we tried numerous knockbacks/pulls etc.

We followed the balloon to the big mountain range in the middle of Tatooine.

We climbed into those mountains and it was nothing but sand/glitchy terrain. We explored the entire mountain range, from the peaks, to the ground..nothing. We saw were the balloons path ended and it turned around, a bit above the ground near some random sand. Nothing of importance where the balloon landed or took off, and all glitchy/buggy terrain making it almost certain we shouldn't be there.

The balloon never makes contact with the ground and is not low enough to launch onto. I believe this to be ruled out.