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Hello there!

I sent in a ticket about a week ago concerning an unlock of mine in the cartel market. Now I have the black nebula blaster so I wanted to unlock it on my account so that everyone can get one! I pay my 240 coins and viola, it is unlocked!

Or so I thought. It did unlock it...on that character. So I quickly went back and reread the description which does indeed say unlocks it for the account. Still only the one chracter can claim them!

So the response I get is a clearly copy/pasted response showing that the customer service agent did not even READ the ticket (as I sent one TWICE) because it told me that stuff in bounty pack 3 (which black nebula is NOT) was taking longer to unlock. They then told me to please make sure the item was unlocked (which again, I clearly said that I did), they went on to continue to suggest other thing that I had mentioned I already did / confirmed. Twice. They sent me the same thing. Twice.

It's been 3 weeks. I just want my GD black nebula blasters -_-
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