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It wasn't just that they disagreed with us--it was the mocking tone of the disagreement.

They also disagreed with the sentinel request to buff focus spec single-target damage. But they explained the basis for such disagreement without resorting to "you must make them pay for trying to kill you."

We received no such explanations. Just Heal to Full and Make Them Pay. And just how we're supposed to get these heals and hardcasts off when our control abilities to keep melee off of us longer than the GCD it takes to leap/obliterate back keep getting nerfed--melee players break our stun without full resolve because they KNOW we have nothing to follow up with that we can actually get off--Bioware didn't say. I had to personally hassle the devs during the Community Cantina event in Seattle just to get a "metrics" type answer. The poor guy didn't have stat sheets with him, but had he been allowed to write the original response to the questions and cite something, anything, to back up the claims BW wanted to make about our class performance, it would have gone a lot better for them.

Seems almost every patch our CC gets nerfed. With the exception of bubblestun--but when they took bubblestun away, that wasn't all.

First they nerfed overload from 360 to cone
then reduce stun range to 10m
then 1.4 so all the bads can fill resolve and we have whitebarred monkeys jumping all over the place
(the one cc buff we've ever gotten) bubblestun was implemented as bandaid to 1.4
then bubblestun was (not only) taken away, BUT ALSO:
1) instant whirlwind gone
2) root overload moved way up in lightning tree so ONLY lightning (or 0/30/16 hybrid--a clunky, squishy build that tries to be "ranged mini-smash" and generally comes nowhere close unless in the hands of a really, really good player) can get it.

BONUS: In trying to "fix" alacrity (a stat that theoretically sorcs should enjoy, if not always in practice) so that it becomes resource neutral instead of resource negative, Bioware breaks our alacrity talent so resource regen is not affected by it. So our alacrity talent is still resource negative. While mercs' alacrity talent works properly. Still unacknowledged and not fixed.

When people say that our questions sounded like whining for unicorns, they generally fail to see that in the context of receiving nerf after nerf (because the people complaining that we're whiners almost never play the "whining" class, or if they do, it's their 10th alt and more or less a disposable toon). The CC we need to kite effectively (as the devs intend us to play) gets nerfed almost every major patch, and generally isn't that useful in raids (especially compared to things like bloodthirst and sniper raid shield) due to boss immunities.

I'm sorry, but in light of the above, those non-answers rightfully deserved every mocking response received.
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