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We run a similar setup, except that we have a healer channeling orange and yellow and keep both tanks available. With two tanks available you guarantee that no tank will ever have two Regulators on him at one time (until phase 2 transition, at which point one tank might need to taunt both for a few seconds until the first dies), so solo healing those phases is easily manageable. With both healers up in purple phase they're able to run around with extra time to spare to make sure all melee DPS is healed up to full, since they're otherwise out of range on cores full time.

I think you should really try again to convince your raid leader to wait a few extra seconds on blue phase; there is really no reason not to. As the main orange DPS in my group, the difference between having to play cleanup or not at the start is night and day. Generally we hold off killing our blue phase cores until the timer hits 10 seconds, at which point both adds in the middle are sub 25% and the tanks can finish them off while I pick up my orange sphere from mid. Both tanks and myself always have 1 or 2 extra seconds to get in position and be ready to start on the first Regulator ASAP, instead of wasting half our time on small adds. Our purple DPS is the one on split core duty during that phase, and in between cores he helps kill the first Regulator with me. Timing it may take a few tries, but ideally he spends as much time in mid as he can while still killing both orange cores with about 5 seconds remaining. Done correctly, we've gone into purple with only one Regulator alive with sub 30% HP. At one point we messed around with popping Bloodthirst during that phase and killed both Regulators before purple, but it was a wasted cooldown since the purple phase DPS then has nothing to do.

For yellow phase we have one melee + one ranged on each core, and our ranged break off at about 50-60% and deal with Regulators. Initially we had to break off at 30 or 40% in order to still make the timer, so depending on your DPS you may have to adjust. Ideally you'll have one Regulator die cleanly before the transition, and then all DPS can pick off the remaining one while your free tank gets aggro established on the boss. Sniper shields are extremely useful during this part of the fight.

The whole fight revolves around a giant snowball mechanic. By leaving adds with too much HP in blue you're delaying orange, which delays purple, which delays yellow. A few extra seconds in blue *should* make quite a difference.

Edit: Something else to mention. With this setup, our healers never have to DPS (although they help out of boredom on blue phase). However, we do have our tanks actively trying to DPS down adds (and interrupting every cast) in all phases, so no one should ever be just sitting around. We also bring all the adds to the middle instead of tanking them against the pillars, since this leaves the floor open for Orbital Strikes whenever necessary without having to worry about AoE taunts or splash damage hitting a sphere.