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Our setup:
Blue: 2 dps (melee)
Orange: 2 dps (ranged)
Purple: healer + tank
Yellow: healer + tank.

Blue phase: Kill cores.. healers can help with dps so the dps channeling doesnt die from boredom.

Orange phase: Dps need to nuke hard on the cores since healers cant help as much due to regulators spawning. Depending on how much dps your two blue dps can put out one healer and one tank can help out on the cores untill the second regulator spawns. Since you have one ranged in the middle there should be only one regulator left by the time the switch to purple happens.

Purple phase: All dps kill the remaining regulator fast then the purple healer channel, tank in the middle.

Yellow phase: All dps clear ALL small adds BEFORE going on the cores, when small adds are dead yellow tank channels and healer in the middle. Since your other tank has to tank two regulators make sure he has cooldowns available for this phase. Time should not be an issue since you have 4 dps on the cores.
When cores are dead the tank channeling picks up the boss and dps nukes the regulators down.

This is how we do it at least, it takes away some of the strain on the later phases, moving it to he earlier phases by having only 2 DPS available on the cores in blue and orange and 4 in purple and yellow.
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