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^ This.
I agree with most of the assessment, but you can't forget that Scrappers have higher sustained damage than infil shadows, so the burst we don't have doesn't equate to something BW is going to care about since all they do is look at the damage you can do on a dummy and say "nope, they're right where they should be". They have never placed pvp at the epicenter of their balancing, so any changes you think could/should be made would directly impact the raiding community, which at this point is probably 10x larger than the remaining pvp community.

1.7 pvp was fine, and all BW did was dumb down classes with 2.0 to make them easier for the overall community to play, thus reducing the skill cap needed, which was already low in some instances. They have one single person in charge of class balancing, so the thing you need to realize is that they do not have the necessary resources allocated to put forth an actual, quality experience like other MMOs. And just think, that one guy can't possibly be doing class balancing at his very moment, if he were, then we'd see,ore frequent changes. Nope, I'd bet he's got other hats to wear at BW in addition to what we all think he's dedicated to doing. All because of their poor planning from the launch of this game, they obviously had to cut most of their workforce, and even now that they're actually making money they won't allocate more resources, or create new jobs, for class balancing or even just general QA testing (God forbid).

The game is still losing subscribers, even as more F2Pers arrive, so this is a slippery slope any way you look at it. The way I looked at it recently is his: All the good pvpers I've known seem to have vanished or moved on. Now there are decent ppl I play against, but they are watered down versions of those truly amazing players I no longer see. They've seen the light and have decided to put their time and money into something else. Shouldn't you?