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09.22.2013 , 05:24 AM | #2
Our configuration:
Blue: Our 2 mdps
Orange Tank channels, rdps in middle
Purple: Healer channels, rdps in middle
Yellow: Tank channels, Healer in middle

When we start the purple phase, usually one regulator is dead and the other one is at very low hp. With the other rdps in middle during purple, it shouldn't be problem to have zero adds alive, when you reach yellow. During yellow all 4 dps will start on the cores and when we have had enough dps, the 2 rdps will switch from the cores to the 2 remaining regulators and they will die quickly.

Your 2 healers should dps the regulators when there's just one of the regulators there (as healing is not so important at this Point), so that the first regulator in orange dies when the second regulator is about to spawn (may be difficult but that's about the timing you should aim for).

Also we use Assassin/Jugg combination and I (the assassin) tank the orange adds, so that my cooldowns are available again, when the big boss appears.