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09.22.2013 , 04:24 AM | #1
Hi all,

My guild are currently trying to down the bosses on NiM, with limited success - we basically have Withering Horror and Infiltration on farm, but are struggling with the others.

One of the ones that we are close to being able to do is Operator IX; we are able to burn all the cores in time and co-ordinated without any real issues, but the problem is the adds.

The issue starts in Orange, as we always have one of the two Regulators that spawn left over, and as the dps are focussed on the cores, it takes most of purple to burn it down. That means there are always at least two small adds on relatively high health going into Yellow and then, because the tank is usually popping cds to stay alive and the healers are focussing on heals rather than dps, by the end of yellow there are then usually still both Regulators and at least two small adds still alive when the main boss spawns.

That means that when the boss spawns, the guy tanking the adds usually dies pretty much immediately as both tanks now need heals and most of the tank and healers cds have already been used in yellow. The guy tanking the boss then takes too much damage from the adds and we wipe.

Would be interested/grateful to hear any suggestions for how we might get around this issue and/or tactics that others have used successfully in the Operator NiM fight.